About AOC


Chevalier AOC is an integrated logistics service provider founded in 1978, which specialized in the transportation of time-critical freight for the air or ocean industry. Chevalier AOC, together with more than 100 (air and ocean) carriers, ensure that we have the resources to satisfy most customers’ needs, anywhere in the world. Furthermore, we have a service network that spans the United States and China, with a corporate commitment to deliver second to none service. Abandoning the “one size fits all” approach, Chevalier AOC offers logistics solutions customized to the needs of different sizes and types of companies. They are designed to meet the current and future needs of the customers. Our success has been found on long-term relationships with both our customers and our staff members. Also, we focus on delivering a high-quality service that sets us apart from others. All in all, our services are simple and straightforward to work with our customers, and our aim is to be responsible and collaborative, as well as acting with integrity in all our interactions.

Our Management Philosophy

We apply the Confucianism, which is the main concept of traditional Chinese thought, as the management philosophy to run our company. What we mean by Confucianism is to abide by the due morality of businessmen and at the same time extend the correct morality to every level of the company when pursuing economic benefits. In terms of the content, we insist to treat our partners, society and employees based on Confucian moral thinking:
  • We treat our partners, including our clients and partners, with the highest integrity and credibility;
    we do as we say. We aim to achieve mutual benefits and a win-win situation.
  • We value the cultivation of our employees’ characters, empowering them to be mature, creative, and responsible with good interpersonal skills. This will not only allow our talents to have more room for development, but also enable them to adapt to the ever-changing economic markets.
  • We contribute to our society in order to assure a healthy environment for long-term development of economic activities.