Key EIGHT Industries

Designed for the pharmaceutical & healthcare industry, providing

  • Total cold chain logistic design
  • In depth – Risk Management
  • Monitoring and constantly visibility
  • Proactive intervention
  • Dedicated personnel-expertise
  • Global coverage

Our Capabilities:

  • Regulatory compliance handling ethical & controlled substances
    • Validated information system that enable tracing to the lot level
    • Recall and quarantine services
    • Product launch support
    • Design and maintenance of high-security areas

Our solutions:

  • Experienced expertise
    Designing the customised solution for each requirement
  • Strategic global network
    Ensuring a stable, secured and efficient route
  • Customer driven Standard Operation Plan for
    (i)   Active containers
    (ii)  Passive package
    (iii) Clinical trials

Our solutions:

• Spares & repairs logistics
Dependable time critical services:
Whether moving engines, landing gears, wings, nacelles or any other components, you need multiple shipment options & worldwide charter services. Not only handleling dangerous goods, we are experienced in time critical services.
• International transport services
Customized solutions with 3 tiers of services:
Economy, Advanced and Premium.
• International supply chain services
World class aviation & aerospace partners:
We manage the transportation and distribution through worldwide logistics centers. We avoid your obstacles by facilitating customs clearance, consolidation, monitoring shipments and providing special handling.

Our solutions:

From manufacturing support, parts distribution and after-sales support
• Inbound parts logistics for new vehicles:
Managing flows of components and sub-assemblies from Tier 1 and 2 suppliers for JIT delivery to OEM assembly plants. AOC provides parts consolidation, transportation and comprehensive manufacturing support, including kitting, sub-assembly, and milk run delivery. Throughout the process, you have complete part-level visibility.
• Aftermarket parts distribution:
As a provider of warehouse-based logistics, AOC has the global infra-structure and expertise for distribution of aftermarket parts for the automotive industry. AOC provides inventory management, shipment consolidation and import/export management for manufacturers who need to distribute aftermarket parts and accessories on a worldwide basis.

Our solutions:

Order management solution:
Providing leading-edge data integration and exception –based management tools for logistics and procurement professionals, giving complete, timely and actionable information to improve supply chain decisions.

  • Commercial document management tools
  • EDI order receipt and confirmation
  • Proactive order follow-up
  • Supplier booking against order lines
  • Variance monitoring and reporting

Product flow optimization:
Planning and managing your retail inventory so you are ready whenever you customer are – in the most timely, efficient, agile and cost-efficient manner possible.

Our solutions:

Combining the control of local carrier and understanding of the ever-changing dynamics of overseas shipping. We tailor every international shipping solution for you and your customers’ specific needs.
Your cargo alwremains in one container throughout the entire route and you can always track it with just a few clicks. We only select carriers with proven reliable standards for our repeat business.
Competitive freight:
Competitive advantage relies heavily on your freight solutions. Our team supports a wealth of market information and aids in mode selection and leveraging negotiation positions. Our solutions result in quick ROI, with condensed timeframes and significant savings from start to finish.

Our approaches:

Experts in freight: internationally and regionally
• AOC makes the subtle yet significant difference and ensures the utmost quality – logically and globally.
• Opening up new opportunities for you around the world.

Making the most of emerging markets:
We will take care of all intercontinental air and sea freight operations, rail and road logistics for you.

Our solutions:

  • A team of extensive expertise
    Every off-size shipment is carefully planned by a team of specialists who follows your shipment from pick-up to delivery and ensures proper handling at all stages.
  • Specialized equipment & vehicles
    To accommodate any type of shipment on any routing.

Transportation management

Wth experience and organizational skills, perfect interplay of humans and technology will be possible. Time critical delivery for us means:
Quick, Reliable and Accurate.

Warehouse management

Our spcialized warehouse management services:
• Trans-load • DC Bypass • Cross-dock
• Merge in transit • Postponement
• Pick and pack • Vendor managed inventory
• Kitting • Compliance inspection

Distribution management

  • Unmatched understanding of international trade compliance and related administrative requirements
  • Excellent rates on different transportation mode
  • Support for just-in-time (JIT) environment

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