Road Transportation

Dynamic and Integrated Road Haulage Services

Chevalier AOC’s dynamic and integrated road haulage services form an integral part of our supply chain capabilities. Using an established network of approved partners and haulers combined with our expertise in moving your products, clients’ benefits from a wide range of transport services which can be tailored to meet any profile. By understanding your business, we focus on producing scalable overland solutions to meet defined transit times, order book requirements and forecast scheduling.
We have equipment variety and capacity to handle seasonality conundrums, volatile purchase order requirements and diverse product lines. We also can arrange over-the-road carriage for customers between its gateway cities and any destination. Strategic origin “milk runs” can be planned for consolidation as well as optimizing vehicle fill at source to reduce the overall financial burden and deliver intelligent supply chains. From product leaving the factory, arriving in the destination and transporting to the end user, we ensure there is a smooth transition process with in-depth checking procedures.

Deliver One-Stop Logistics Solutions

In order to meet various customers’ requirements, we are also dedicated to providing an one-stop logistics solution by making use of our warehousing fulfillment center in Sha Tin as well as the transportation team. No matter which services you want, we are honour and trying the best to satisfy your needs.