Key EIGHT Industries


Chevalier AOC offers proactive and comprehensive solutions enabling faster response to changing market conditions.

The automotive industry employs some of the most sophisticated supplier networks in the world. Today’s automotive businesses demand streamlined efficient supply chains which demand leaner, more efficient supply to support new model development and shorter product life cycles. We offer solutions that focus on improving entire transport and supply chain processes, and provide customers with a single point of contact and control for all movements worldwide.


In Chevalier AOC, we understand a philosophy in logistics: A Straight line is the shortest connection between 2 points; especially for the time-critical freight in aviation industry.

In an industry where downtime and losses are measured in hours; sometimes every minute counts, partnerships with some of the world’s premier air carries enable us to deliver the space allocation, on-time performance and range of products you need. With direct access to all prime capacities, including split and full charter options, and knowledgeable customs clearance experts taking care of processing and documentation, your shipment arrives with 5Rs (Right Time, Right Place, Right Quality, Right Quantity, Right Price).


In Chevalier AOC, we’re in the business of keeping your ducks in a row. We do not just protect your product and your bottom line, but your reputation as well. While many chemical companies are prospering, they continue to struggle with unique logistics challenges. Safety and security concerns are ever present, adding to the cost of doing business with chemicals. The industry realizes that waste and inefficiency in logistics processes is hindering progress – and profits. Chevalier AOC takes a strategic approach to designing and implementing unique logistics solutions for the industry. Our breadth of expertise and services can address a wide range of logistics challenges, forming a basis for highly tailored solutions designed around your calendar and your budget.


In the fast-moving fashion industry, where product availability on shelf is critical, we have an unmatched worldwide presence to support our customers in their end-to-end supply chains.

With multiple seasons and a wide range of fabrics/materials sourced globally, we are especially geared up to manage the logistical processes for the fashion industry. Increasing demand from retail outlets for ready-to-wear garments has led us to offer the very latest in logistics including a range of post-production services. Our extensive worldwide logistics network means fashion items can be prepared for final delivery closer to the source of production – saving time and money.


Bringing medications to patients around the world bears an important responsibility: We understand. The highly regulated Pharmaceuticals and Life Science traffic demands absolute cold chain management – a task that Chevalier AOC is equipped to handle.

Chevalier AOC conducts lanes assessment for pharmaceuticals customers. A team of expert offers cold chain consultation for high risk temperature sensitive shipments. A dedicated team manages proactively to every pharmaceutical and bio-pharma shipment ensuring shipment stays within its cold chain requirements. We understand Pharmaceuticals & Life Science attributes to life well-being. Chevalier AOC pride our pharmaceutical service serves for better life.


Complex transportation solutions made easy with Chevalier AOC.

Project cargo includes freight that is voluminous, either by weight, size or quantity, or composed of complex components that must be disassembled, shipped and then re-assembled. A wide variety of sectors have project cargo needs, including oil & gas, pulp & paper, automotive, construction, power & energy and aid shipments. We work closely with heavy lift engineering companies tailoring solutions to their needs. We have the logistics capabilities, wide geographical knowledge, and global connections to coordinate project cargo movements from origin to destination.


We know that demanding customers, hyper-competitive markets, increased customization, omni-channel retailing, offline-to-online (O2O) retailing and other retail challenges have major implications for logistics.

We understand supply chains are becoming more extensive and complex in the retail industry as retailers take the advantage of sourcing from lower cost countries. Our strategic infrastructure and operational presence in most global retail markets and all sourcing countries enable us to deliver customized supply chain to our customers, reduce lead times and improve service levels. Chevalier AOC enables the integration of retail business and the state-of-the-art technologies to cater the increasing needs from the fiercely competitive market. Our visibility and monitoring service support an array of services, especially tailored to the needs of retail and consumer product companies.


If time is money, Chevalier AOC can help you get both.

Aggressive competitors, shorter product life cycles and decreasing margins require high-tech companies to minimize inventory investment, increase turns and drive efficiency throughout the supply chain. We provide our customers with flexible solutions tailored to meet their requirements. Improved on time delivery, reducing cycle time & operational cost and strong worldwide networking are some of the reasons why our customers have made us their choice of logistics partner.