Corporate Value


Corporate Motto

In line with our corporate motto “Our customers, Our Assets”, Chevalier AOC believes people, including our customers, our business partners and our colleagues, are our biggest assets as it is the key to sustain and enhance our services. As Integrity, one the five basic virtues, suggests, people should treat each other with respect, so “do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you”. We opine one’s conduct should comply with the ethics and the standards set by the society when he or she is dealing with others. Meanwhile, one should learn to be considerate and think from others’ perspectives.


Corporate Vision & Mission

We are a company of great vision with practical mission. In respect of the “five virtues”, we require our staff to act righteously anytime and anywhere. To act righteously is just our vision and mission.


Corporate Attitude

Chevalier AOC believes its leaders, management and staff should treat others in a kind, respectful, modest and peaceful manner. Not only respecting others and one’s job will gain people’s trust, but also will prevent our staff from humiliation and faults. By developing a culture of trust and modesty among our clients, partners and staff, we may establish harmonious working relationships.


Corporate Intelligence

Each of our staff enables intelligence and critical thinking so that they can judge between right and wrong for offering unbiased advices to clients, partners and colleagues. This would be beneficial to our all-round development in the long run. Meanwhile, an “intelligent” person knows his or her subordinates well enough to guide them and assign them jobs that suit them, enabling them to realize their full potentials.


Corporate Partnership

“Xin” refers to integrity. Chevalier AOC believes that “integrity” is dispensable to the survival and development of our company, spanning across all levels within the company structure. It is central to the maintaining of relationships with clients and business partners and among our staff and to the long-term interests of our company. We strongly encourage our staff to keep their words, comply with the rules and laws of the company and the society and abide by the ethics.