Chevalier Group


The Chevalier Group was founded in 1970 by Dr Chow Yei Ching, and its group holding company, Chevalier International Holdings Limited, is listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. The Group has developed into a diversified global conglomerate and associated companies, with a presence in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada, the USA and Australia.

About "Chevalier"

Our company name, “Chevalier” is a French word meaning “Knight”, signifying the untiring spirit of Chevalier Group staff members in achieving outstanding results and providing the best-quality service to our customers. Our staff’s dedication to striving for customer satisfaction and quality excellence has earned us our esteemed reputation in the respective industries.

A Seasoned Expert in the Industry

Chevalier, can provide a one-stop service for any kind of construction and engineering project. Our diverse business portfolio includes construction and engineering, property investment, property development and operations, healthcare investments and car dealerships. This business diversification has created a competitive edge for the Group, enabling it to thrive and meet the challenges in the rapidly changing global marketplace.

Expanded Businesses

Over the years, the Group has actively expanded its businesses and is committed to
contributing to the communities in which it operates through corporate social
responsibility initiatives.

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