Bridging China and Latin America

ByChevalier AOC

Bridging China and Latin America

COVID-19 pandemic widespread and it is now hard hitting the Latin America areas. Chevalier AOC Freight Express Holdings Limited sees a strong demand for medical supply to combat the pandemic at the area.


There is huge demand on product such as COVID-19 test kits from China to Latin America. Most of this product requires cold chain management.


There are challenges sending cold chain shipment from China to Latin America.


·  Lack of direct service

·  Reducing flight frequency at the pandemic period

·  Lack of transit gateway cold chain management

·  Cumbersome custom requirements


How Chevalier AOC Freight Express Holdings Limited overcome the above-mentioned obstacles:


·  Partners with reputable carriers and provides cold chain management for the entire journey

·  Transit point cold chain management

·  Alternative packaging when airlines does not accept dry ice carriage

·  Collaboration with local WCA Pharma partners for smooth custom process and local delivery


Our partner carriers include LATAM, Amerijet, IAG, Lufthansa and others. Our proven cold chain management track records for traffic from China to Latin America earns a reputation in market.



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